Cupid’s Revenge Autumn 2021 Tour Dates announced

We are thrilled to announce the Autumn tour 2021 of New Art Club’s Cupid’s Revenge.

Created before lockdown and now ready to tour as we begin to return to theatres, Cupid’s Revenge is a 60-minute physical poem that plants Love under the microscope of the 21st century. Performed on a set designed by Will Holt, centred around a 2-metre love heart that has crashed to earth, Cupid’s Revenge uses rhythmic repetition and spoken text to spotlight love’s idiosyncrasies and commonalities.

Cupid’s Revenge – New Art Club (image: Zoe Manders)

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StreamDANCE Film Commissions World Premieres

Three £15,000 commissions have been awarded by StreamDANCEto artists to create new, made-for-broadcast, digital dance works for young audiences. The awarded artists are:

Chad Taylor – When I hear Music

Anatomical – Doodle Chalk Dance (working title)

Second Hand Dance – Getting Dressed Films

StreamDANCE is the first national project to commission made for broadcast digital dance pieces for young audiences. The project is a rapid response to the global pandemic, directly addressing the lack of digital dance cultural offerings for the youngest in society. The works premiere on 28 January 2022.


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Second Hand Dance receives extension to Elevate funding

Tandem Works is delighted to announce that Second Hand Dance has received an extension to its Elevate funding from Arts Council England,  providing a sustained infrastructure for the disabled-led organisation 

Second Hand Dance – Touch (image: Zoe Manders)
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Anatomical’s ArtsUnboxed commission launched

Anatomical is one of six artists commissioned by Greenwich Dance’s ArtsUnboxed to create new work that can be restaged UK-wide with local artists.

MidSummerland is a 40-minute audio adventure for families with children aged 5+. Pairs or small groups are led by a voice to an imaginary festival, and encouraged to participate in physical activity. MidSummerland can be experienced indoors or outdoors, in parks, theatre foyers, carparks or museums.

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