Doodle Chalk Dance film  (Anatomical)

The Doodle Chalk Dance film fuses drawing, dancing and storytelling in an interactive, family, artistic experience. 

Commissioned by StreamDANCE, the Doodle Chalk Dance film moves the action into the playground with a cast of children.  Using chalk, with the playground as a canvas, the cast lead us through a series of impossible adventures. With the perspective switched from the horizontal to the vertical plane, wild leaps of imaginative storytelling are possible. Drawing on elements from the original show, the children can ‘stand’ on each other’s shoulders to reach a hot air balloon, balance on the tip of an elephant’s trunk and dance a jig on a pirate ship.  


Doodle Chalk Dance – Anatomical (image: Chris Nash)

The visual style, influenced by American pavement drawing culture, is colourful, fun and DIY.  The film will be 7-10 minutes. Aimed at 3-8 year olds and their families.