Getting Dressed Films  (Second Hand Dance)

Commissioned by StreamDANCE Second Hand Dance is creating 5 short (2-3mins each), bold and colourful screen dance films. Audiences will travel through a wardrobe into a digital world of swirling skirts, sashaying socks, and glitter ball dresses. The films will subtly challenge the peer pressures and popular culture influences children often encounter in relation to what they wear and how they wear it.  Made for ages 3-8.  

Getting Dressed films – Second Hand Dance (image: SHD/Bark Films)

The Getting Dressed films each explore a different item of clothing in a vibrant, simple aesthetic that frames the textural nature of clothes and fabric, with a bit of sparkle. The films will use the possibilities of green screen to create multiples of dancers, kaleidoscopes, layering and effects to create a playful aesthetic of 80’s pop art smashed with millennial pastels. Premiering Early 2022.