We Touch, We Play, We Dance – national and international touring  (Second Hand Dance)

Touch connects, contains and stimulates. Touch is how we build relationships. 

‘We Touch, We Play, We Dance’ is an improvised and interactive dance-show performed by four dancers and a DJ. Adults and children are offered the chance to watch, play and dance as the performers move delightfully and deftly to a live mixed music score. 

A beautifully crafted, gentle and playful experience for adults and children that reaffirms the power of touch and dance in a digital age. Touring in the UK Spring 2022, available for international touring from June 2022. Second Hand Dance, supported by the British Council and Canadian High Commission New Conversations: Canada programme, is currently exploring sustainable and digital approaches to touring using Touch as a case study.

We Touch, We Play, We Dance Tour Dates Spring 2022

I like that dance is inherently sensory – watching other bodies move makes something move inside you – and Touch takes this one step further, inviting physical contact between performers and audience. For the little ones, it encourages play, curiosity, exploration. For me, I come out feeling looser, more alert.Exeunt Magazine

I loved being able to watch a piece of dance, enjoy it and see my children learn to love it too…after this performance I feel like I have found something that has been missing from my life for a while and it is lovely to have it back.Greatest Showmum

Wonderful cast, and generous engagement in a relaxed environment –Audience Member