• New Art Club - Cupid’s Revenge

    Photo by Zoe Manders

  • Anatomical - The Doodle Dance Show

    Photo by Chris Nash

  • Rachel Mars - Forge

    Photo by Joe Twig

  • Second Hand Dance - Touch

    Photo by Zoe Manders

  • Anatomical - The Buildy Uppy Dance Show

    Photo by Chris Nash

  • Second Hand Dance - Touch

    Photo by Zoe Manders

Tandem Works

Based in the UK, Tandem Works supports artist and companies working across a range of art forms including dance, theatre, live art, sound installation and public art. Projects range from one person shows to site specific multi-disciplinary productions to national and international tours and co-productions.

The artists we support often use multiple forms of artistic expression to make their work, work that sits in-between the boundaries of form, in-between the meeting points of cultures and in–between the visual and textual languages of expression.

We have a passion for giving a voice to those who are rarely heard within our mainstream cultural ecology.

The work we do is determined in response to the needs of the artists and companies we work with, and often includes:

  • Producing
  • Project design – working collaboratively to shape ideas or concepts into projects or programmes. Projects or programmes which respond to opportunities, creative development needs or longer term strategic aims.
  • Artistic and organisational strategy development – looking at the bigger picture
  • Business Planning
  • Partnership development – using our knowledge of the national and international cultural sector to explore connections and make opportunities
  • Advisory and mentoring support for artists and producers
  • Diversity consultancy and advocacy
  • Curation
  • Bid writing
  • Tour booking

Claire Summerfield, Creative & Strategic Producer

Claire has an extensive track record of producing live performance events. Over the last three years she has raised over £1m of investment for cultural projects, and presented work at some of the leading national and international festivals and venues, including Xintiandi Festival (Shanghai), Dublin Theatre Festival, The Barbican and Sadler’s Wells.

The artists she supports have won the Oxford Samuel Becket Theatre Trust Award (mars.tarrab), the Total Theatre Award for Innovation and Experimentation (Rachel Mars), and Best Production, Theatre and Technology Awards (Tom Dale Company) and been presented as part of the prestigious British Council Edinburgh Fringe Showcase (Tom Dale Company).

Claire has a specialism in dance for Children and Young People and has supported artists to present work at Edinburgh International Children’s Festival, Lincoln Centre (New York), Belfast International Children’s Festival, Showbox (Norway) and IPAY (Philadelphia).


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Anatomical – The Buildy Uppy Dance Show

Photo by Chris Nash

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