Working with – Our artists

Tandem Works is currently collaborating with:

New Art Club and Anatomical

In 2018 New Art Club premiered Cupid’s Revenge and in doing so, signalled a return to the contemporary dance and performance sector after a successful 10 years navigating the comedy circuit. 

Since then Tandem Works has taken a holistic overview of their work, uniting Anatomical  – the moniker under which Tom Roden and long-term collaborator Anna Williams create work for family audiences – with the wider New Art Club brand. 

Between Autumn 2021 and Spring 2022, Cupids Revenge toured 22 venues across the UK, securing 4-star reviews across the board.

Cupid’s Revenge is a celebration, an affirmation: of love, of live, of people, of who we are and what makes us. ” – SeeingDance

Alongside this organisational growth, Tandem Works has developed the Anatomical brand and all areas of New Art Clubs’ operations including its financial health, tour booking, partnership development , and communications. We’ve secured commissions from Greenwich Dance’s #ArtsUnboxed, StreamDANCE digital screen dance programme , and been co-commissioned by The Place and Theatre Clwyd. 

In December 2022 Anatomical premiered Snowed In at The Place, London with over 1800 people seeing the show across the 13 performances.

“This delightful family show (for ages five and up) sets out to prove that theatre — and especially dance — can captivate children in the kind of live collective adventure that no virtual experience could hope to match”  – The Times

Snowed in – Anatomical

Cupid’s revenge – New Art Club

The Buildy-Uppy Dance Show – Anatomical

Images by Chris Nash (Anatomical) and Zoe Manders (New Art Club, Anatomical)

In a short time Claire has understood the company and what we need and has become a driving force behind our work as we move forward into the next stages of our development.  Claire’s experience, knowledge and calm approach have been absolutely invaluable to us in these challenging and uncertain times.  – Pete Shenton, New Art Club

Rachel Mars

Rachel Mars is a performance maker and writer with a background in theatre, live art, and comedy.

”I explore the idiosyncratic cultural and political constructs that inform the way we are together, as people, just trying to figure it all out”

Her work wrestles with female, Jewish, and Queer identities and their intersections.

Rachel makes performance work as a solo artist and collaborates with a range of artists including Greg Wohead [Story #1 / Gaping Hole] and nat tarrab as mars.tarrab - the 2017 Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award Winners.

Tandem Works collaborates as a producer on Rachel’s larger-scale work including ROLLER  – a collaboration with the fantastic Brighton Rockers Roller Derby team. ROLLER is an interrogation of aggression, power, female physicality and how you know what is the right revolution. ROLLER won the 2017 Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award, and played at The Barbican Pit in November 2017.

In 2022 the Barbican, Transform, and Cambridge Junction (with support from Stobbs New Ideas Fund) commissioned FORGE –  the first of a new set of work about memorials, replicas, and human behavior at spaces with difficult histories. Following a Horizon Showcase residency FORGE premiered at Transform Festival and in May 2023 was presented at The Barbican and in Bristol with MAYK. 

In August 2023, FORGE will be part of the Horizon Showcase – through the Horizon Live Presentation – at the Edinburgh Festivals.

FORGE – Rachel Mars

FORGE – Rachel Mars

FORGE – Rachel Mars

Images by JMA Photography (FORGE)

Claire and I have been working together on multiple different projects for 4 years. We work flexibly, sometimes in a long-term strategic manner, and others in more reactive, fleet-of-foot ways. She is always thinking about the integrity of each project, and how it can be most itself whilst managing to reach the most audience who will gain most from the work. 

It is a blessed relief to work with someone who has the artist firmly in mind, and will fight for your corner in all situations.  – Rachel Mars

Second Hand Dance

Tandem Works has been collaborating with Second Hand Dance for the last eight years 

In 2019 we secured three-year strategic Elevate funding from Arts Council England to support organisational development. This funding has enabled the company to evolve its operational model, and staffing structure and clearly articulate its mission and vision as a disabled-led company. 

Over the last eight years, we have grown our international markets for the company’s touring shows across Europe, China, Japan, Singapore, and the USA presenting our work at some of the most prestigious festivals and venues across the world. 

In 2023 the company embarks on its new journey as an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation 

We Touch, We Play, We Dance – Second Hand Dance

Getting Dressed – Second Hand Dance

Night Tree films – Second Hand Dance

Images by Zoe Manders (Touch), Lidia Crisafulli (Getting Dressed) and Foteini Christofilopoulou (Night tree Films)

Practical, strategic and fiercely passionate, Claire is a creative partner to bounce ideas off as well as proactive in creating new partnerships and visioning what art ‘could be’. I appreciate the small, personal conversations, watching and discussing work together and her ethical integrity for individual artists and the collaborators they work with. – Rosie Heafford, Second Hand Dance

Takeshi Matsumoto 

A Japanese inclusive dance artist, performer, and choreographer Takeshi’s practice both in life and performance is influenced by -Wa, harmony, peacefulness, quiet, and contentment – ways of living and balancing with others and environments. He is also a qualified dance movement psychotherapist, having experience in working with children with autism and learning disabilities both in the UK and Japan.  

As a dance performer, Takeshi has worked with Christian Duarte, Henri Oguike, Darren Johnston, Beatrice Allegranti, Paul-Andre Fortier, SLiDE, Anthea Hamilton, Second Hand Dance and has long been collaborating with Hagit Yakira.  

In 2019 Takeshi secured one of three inaugural Little Big Dance commissions for Club Origami. 

The show has been performed over 130 times, in front of 6000 people in 8 different countries. It continues to tour in 2023 and beyond.

Tandem Work is thrilled to support the development of his new work Club Ninja due to premiere in 2024.

Club Ninja will be part of the Horizon Residency program which will take place in Edinburg in August 2023. 

Club Origami – Takeshi Matsumoto

Club Origami – Takeshi Matsumoto

Club Origami – Takeshi Matsumoto

Images by Summer Dean (Club Origami)

Second Hand Dance (image: Alice Underwood)