FORGE (Rachel Mars)

In 2014 the 100kg iron ‘welcome’ gate was stolen from Dachau concentration camp. A local blacksmith made a replica. It was exactly like the original. 

FORGE is the first of a new set of work about memorials, replicas, and human behaviour at spaces with difficult histories. It will ask what and who memorials are for, what should happen to places where traumatic events have taken place and who decides. It will ask about decay, hallowing, closure, and our responsibility to the present. 

FORGE – Rachel Mars (image: Joe Twigg)

Rachel is working with female welders and metal workers, trauma tourism academics, memorial architects and custodians of memory. R&D supported using public funding from the National Lottery through  Arts Council England, Open Lab Barbican, Cambridge Junction, Metal Culture- Peterborough, MGC Futures, with additional time at Royal Exchange, Manchester. 

Unashamed and purposeful, they’re a wonderful, moving bunch to behold – The Stage on ROLLER (Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award)  

Magnificent, angry, slyly funny and necessary – The Guardian on ROLLER