Anatomical’s ArtsUnboxed commission launched

Anatomical is one of six artists commissioned by Greenwich Dance’s ArtsUnboxed to create new work that can be restaged UK-wide with local artists.

MidSummerland is a 40-minute audio adventure for families with children aged 5+. Pairs or small groups are led by a voice to an imaginary festival, and encouraged to participate in physical activity. MidSummerland can be experienced indoors or outdoors, in parks, theatre foyers, carparks or museums.

ArtsUnboxed is a new way for artists to create and audiences to engage with dance work in a safe environment. Six artists have been commissioned to create new works that can be purchased online as “boxes” with instructions, tutorials and information on how to stage or run each project. The commissioned artists are Anatomical, Joss Arnott Dance, Sarah Blanc with AnnieVickySarah, Nocturn Dance, Pervez Live 2 Break and Grounded Movement.

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