Grass films double bill  (Second Hand Dance)

Look down. What are you standing on?  

Explore the ground and all its wriggling inhabitants in this double bill of quirky dance films. 

Shot in the great outdoors, both films celebrate the magic of the natural world – rolling in long grass, finding spiders in the park and the warm feeling of the sun on your face. Sunny Days and Insect Hands will inspire you to look a little more closely at the world around you, get moving, get outside and play. 


2021: Southbank Centre’s Unlimited Festival, The Spark Festival, Belfast Children’s Festival, Dublin Dance Festival, Wee Festival (Toronto), Nutriene International Children’s Festival (Saskatechewan), Polka Theatre and DanceEast 

Flitting butterflies, slithering snails and leaping grasshoppers take centre stage alongside the fabulously talented performer Takeshi Matsumoto in this stunning short dance film produced by Second Hand Dance.  – Disability Arts Online

 Emilia was spellbound and demanded to watch it 3 more times! – Audience member 

Thank you for a glorious dose of nature and joy, just what we all need in January 2021! We love Insect Hands, it was been on repeat this morning and has made us all smile. – Audience member