Night Tree (Second Hand Dance)

For Ages: 3-7  

Every year, in the middle of winter, we go into the forest to find our tree. Our special tree. We bundle up so we’re warm, with hats, gloves, shoes and coats. We travel through the trees. Among the leaves and muddy puddles. Listening to the birds sing. And watching for animals. 

Come into the woods and dance as we go on a gentle, sensory journey through the beautiful wintery forest to find a very special tree… Squidge through mud, sip hot chocolate, and play amongst the pines! Night Tree is a magical two-part film based on Eve Bunting’s book of the same name. The films can be accompanied by downloadable print-at-home interactive sensory activities for all the family to enjoy together. 

There is a sense of magic in the air across these short films as they meet first a curious, graceful deer, then a haughty, imperious owl. The wonders of the forest through sound and movement are shown in a delightful way. Lou Reviews